Monday, April 21, 2014


Trying to get my tires rotated.. always do that when I get the oil change.. but have been to Les Schwab TWICE now and there is not a place to park, so that means they are filled up and the wait would be WAY too long, so off I went, try again yet another day.....
Mowed the law yet again, second time this year..... put dandelion killer on the back, and watered the front.  BOY the grass just greens up with some water added to it!!!
Then read and spent time on the computer..... cancelled 'My Paper Pumpkin' subscription, thru Stampin' Up.... it is a monthly thing sent with different projects for you to complete and have just not been very happy with it... the colors are muted, not bright and cheery and some of the projects are just plain lame.. not cards at all, like I expected.. oh, some months it is, but not always.... and on those months just not happy with it.....  took forever to figure out how to cancel and had to have a tutorial from my stamping guru, THEN, of course could not remember my password, SO had to reset that first... geez.... going to have to write these things down, even have a little book to it with, but keep forgetting.....
Knees are working great, with twinges now and again, reminding me, but managed fine with the walking behind the mower  !!  :)
Days go by, life continues...
Take Care and God Bless


  1. I agree - they make cancelling something a real nightmare. Remember the good old days when we could just write a letter and say STOP! No more.

  2. Days go by, life continues. Aint't it the truth and aren't we glad.

  3. Glad your knees are better. I also have a list of passwords! Need an oil change and rotation myself. Thanks for the reminder. Have not yet mowed the lawn as it is now just starting to grow. Days go by, life continues, sometimes with our involvement and sometimes not. Lazy days are good, too.