Saturday, May 17, 2014


they called this an 'exotic' geranium. weird leaves huh?  can't wait to see the blooms..  probably just be red... haha.  AND the Lupines came out really GOOD this year,  last year was the 1st year and they were not really too happy and did not continually get enough water as I kept forgetting them..oops....  but look!  with water and more time..  all in all things are blooming right along on 26th Street!!  I know some get tired of seeing flowers all the time, but I don't, so that is what I have to share and also shows what I have been up to in my gardening..  It is such a reward to see the results of planning and fore thought....

We call this the hawthorne tree, now whether that is correct or not I don't know BUT when we lived in Pendleton (for 6 months only) Hawthorne School, the elementary school where Brian went, (he was in 3rd grade.. little sweetie)  had these trees in front... hence that is what we call our little tree off my bedroom window  ;0.. isn't it smart to have so many wonderful, beautiful bloom on it!!!

then I have about 6 of these and have no memory of planting them, but I certainly must have!!!  They would not have come up where they were without some sort of help from me...Alium bulbs, huge things... mom loved them.... they are so sturdy and just stand up straight and tall and have a GREAT bloom on it... expect great things from these over the years,  just multiply will have LOTS of them..  AND apparently the der do NOT like them as they were in this bed last night and ate all the blooms off my sweet little forget- me- nots!!!!  But not these!

And pansys, they have sweet little faces.. got these at Costco.. they have huge faces and come up year after year too, in good circumstances.  Mostly I have to replant every year tho.

So that is my world today!!!!  Windy, windy here today and cooler than yesterday..

Take care All


  1. Your flowers are just lovely Loree. Do you really think anyone could get tired of seeing flowers? I know I couldn't.

  2. I'll bet you talk to them too don't you. I do.

  3. You are a good green thumb gardner!