Monday, May 19, 2014


New Fiesta butter dish.  Brian got it for me for my birthday.... nice son, huh??  I was happy.  the spoon rest behind it is a souvenir my mother got on a trip to Carmel in 1947.  It even says 'made in California'  on the bottom, funny, huh?? I think she paid 25 cents for it and now worth $3!!  One of my most cherished possessions.  Been cold and windy here, supposed to get warmer as the week progresses tho.  Would be nice to be able to turn off the heat!  Have shut down the oil heat, but just have to have that electricity cranked up.  Why is it so much warmer when it is actually 75 outside, but not really that warm when I try to make it that warm in my house???
OH!!!!!   oh...... I cooked bacon today for some bean dish I make and got SMOKE all over the house.. yes, yes  the alarm went off, boy Carl did NOT like that, went and sat under the alarm and barked!!  that caused Luci to start up too... So.. it was exciting in here for awhile, as then had to figure out how to get the dumb thing to stop!!! Had opened the doors already as I thought that would take care of the little problem  :)    not so....  hope that was not a testament as to how the beans turn out... hahahaha  But would not be surprised. 
Take Care All


  1. I keep a can of air (yes, a can) so when the smoke clogs up the detector, I can blow it out and gain some quite in the house again!

  2. I use a broom and madly swipe it back and forth under alarm - I have lots of experience with it!!

  3. I use a newspaper and fan it right in front of the alarm itself. LOL over Carl barking at it. Way to go Carl get that thing.

  4. Since we can put astronauts on the moon, you'd think that we could have a fire alarm that can tell a real fire from cooking smoke!