Friday, August 8, 2014

Tumalo Falls

First we went to an estate sale... got some 'good' stuff  then to the top of Pilot Butte in Bend.  Stood and gazed at the scenery and different mountains.. these are Three Sisters in the background

These flowers were blooming on the sides of Pilot Butte.. don't know what they are!!
But they look like something from outer space!!!

 Then we went to Tumalo Falls, a forest service employee took our picture,  good picture huh?
We walked 2 miles, one mile mostly up hill.  It is .5 mile  to the Fall viewpoint for this picture, then you can go 3.5 miles to Happy Valley.. and we walked towards that, but came no where near it  :) 
Sorry Sherry & Dave, you guys are hikers extraordinare!!!  I, apparently am not.  but we had a good hike thru great forests and followed Bridge Creek up a ways,  it was truly beautiful, with the heavy scent of pine following us the whole way!!!
This is Patti's water bottle, she put Chia seeds in it!  She had gotten them at the estate sale and that is one of the things the package said they could be used for, she tried it and liked it, they have no taste, sort of swell up and slide on down.. I  thought it looked pretty gross!!!  Provides protein and fiber tho'.

We are having a great day weatherwise... even tho on the hike with the backpack on and carrying a 5# rock back, I did work up a little sweat  :)

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. The falls are beautiful - I almost could see the water falling!

  2. What a nice hike & the falls are beautiful!Gosh, Bend has grown since the last time I was there many moons ago!