Friday, December 19, 2014


 Have been baking ALL day long.... made more spiced nuts, they are SO good, my snowball cookies, that I have been making for over 50 years!!!  My Dad just LOVED them.  Shortbread cookies, molasses, peanut brittle (more on that) fudge, that for some reason I cannot fathom, does not taste as it should... but is ....ok......
The neighbors brought over a cute little snowman made of wood, they made it themselves, so very cute, have it sitting by the TV so I can see it all the time
I like pictures at mas and my niece sent a family picture they had taken and it is REALLY good of them all.  Friends from Corvallis sent a family picture, there are 11 people in that one!!! And then some people I know in California, their son got married this year and they sent a beautiful wedding photo done as a xmas card
It was always so neat when we were all 'that' age of raising our kids, would get the regulatory children school pictures, it was fun!!! seeing them grow, year by year....

Finally the LAST batch just out of the oven  and here it is 8:30p
the peanut brittle.. have a friend that loves my micro wave brittle...BUT it is a chancey thing!!! and have not figured out why, think it is the micro wave, last year it was the bowl, that did not withstand the heat.. and in the past have had no problem, but with this microwave.. nothing but....
1st I had corn syrup BUT it was not flowing, put it in a pan of water, heat it up, got flowy, then put it in a pan and instantly got hard ball again, well this will not work, SO had to go to the store, corn syrup was obviously too old....  then got to going, even read directions to microwave to figure out how to cut the power to 80%...    when on the 80% it started to burn...  friend likes it a little browner, towards burned, so that is ok, but this is a little dark  hmmmm  :(     THEN the final step is to put soda in the mix and work fast as it foams up, well it foamed up and over.. AND  from prior experience you do NOT want to get this stuff on you as it is hotter that hot!!!!  got all over the counter, the pot holders the bowl was sitting on, the towel I was holding the bowl with,  moved over so that it flowed onto the buttered tin foil covered baking sheet..... and just dumped..... we will see if it is edible or not, I don't know as I don't eat it, it is nasty stuff... 

So that is my baking, have thought fleetingly of doing sugar cookies with frosting, but I think not.  And Brian was eating right behind me, BUT I was staying ahead of him,  he says he knows I going to give all his 'goods' away... and I DO plan on doing that, already gave a bunch to the neighbors.  You know 6 here, half a dozen to another and pretty soon you have no more and things have moved out and away from ME!!!

Life is Good

Take Care All and God Bless... wish I could share some goodies with all of you  !!!!


  1. Your pecans look yummy! I've had such a time with pecans this year! Made some Roasted Honey Pecans--they stayed sticky! They were good but yikes! Then I made Roasted Spiced Pecans. They look great & taste good but the coating on the outside falls off. Don't know if that's because I whisked the egg white a bit or what??!! I would love to find out what your recipe is.

  2. I remember days and days of baking for the holidays when the kids were growing up. Haven't done that in years.

  3. Oh no Loree! You've got that horrible prove you're not a robot thing.

  4. My mother always made those snowball cookies. They remind me of her. Yours look beautiful. I was never much of a holiday baker. Only the solstice cake which I love. Of course it has tons of butter and sugar too.

    I like the check box for I'm a robot better than the type in words and stuff. Did you do that? Opps it does have numbers to type in.

  5. I used to make Snowball cookies, too. I am a holiday baker!! Probably always will be. But, I am trying to scale back as we don't have as many family members visiting anymore, because of distance, mostly. I did make Fruitcake cookies, Chocolate Raisin cookies, and several kinds of candy. I have kept a page every year in my diary, in my Christmas notebook where I keep all my Christmas recipes, of what I make and what was going on that Christmas. It's interesting to look at every year.