Thursday, February 5, 2015


Views of the road

Well after just sitting, sitting, sitting,  for days now,TODAY we did something and accomplished ALL I laid out.  Jump started Brians car once again and sent him on his way to Les Schwab for a new battery!!! Enough with borrowing MY car!!!
Took both doglets to the UWash.. Carl did really well, he slowly climbed the steps into the waist high tub, but then just stood there unsure what was next expected of him.  Gave his bum a little boost and he completed the looong step into the tub.  I wash him 3X with shampoo, then conditioner, rub and suds him all up and around,  rinse, rinse, rinse and he seems to dearly love it...  nails on both dogs trimmed.  Oh, and I have gone there enough I had a FULL card and this time it was FREE!!! Love when that happens.  Then went to Pet Express and got doggie cookies for them.. They are an important part of the excitement of doing something right!!!!
Then home again, home again, jiggety jig!!!  Dropped off dogs and Brian had gotten done and had even taken down my Xmas lights, like I said I needed to have done!!!  He DOES listen to me, even tho it LOOKS like things are bouncing right off him and not sticking at all!!!  HAHAha
Then to the grocery store (Albertson's) they did not have current jam so had to go to Safeway too!  :(
 Well they did have current jam, but it was a specialty jam and $5.99,, WHAT, really??? Safeway had Smuckers and it was $3.39!!  AND at Albie's had to go back and get more items as I got in line with half my stuff on the belt and remembered other things that I needed to have, geez, this is where a list would come in handy, BUT don't you know I can remember things, do not have to write them down, for pete's sake! HA
Current jam is for some weinie's that I am making for a potluck on Saturday in Madras.
Got a pot roast, whoa howdy, that was expensive, BUT figured I would get more than one meal out if it, so may be cost effective?? let us hope..  saw on Pinterest, put roast in crock pot, then put package of onion soup mix, package of gravy mix and a stick of butter on the top and cook forever... will also add garlic and more onions, as everything needs garlic and onions in it..... now doesn't it?

Hope everyone is happy and well, I am grateful to get things checked off my list of things to do, now just have to get those taxes together  :)

Take Care All


  1. Whoa Howdy - did you learn that phrase in Wyoming?! I made that roast recipe too and told Darah it was the best one I had ever had. Did not put anything else in other than what it said because I followed directions! Just don't add any salt cuz those two ingredients are salty. Wonder why I didn't cook that roast I made when you guys were here like that??

  2. Would have loved to see Carl in the bath. Does Luci wait patiently? I agree, never too much onion and garlic but wow 1/4,pound of butter. Even cardboard would taste great with that much butter. LOL

  3. Cooking tip: you can use grape jam (not jelly) instead of the current jam. Just a s tasty and lots cheaper! Glad to see the blog, I tend to wonder what's up when you are so silent for so many days. Such a rush of activity in one day! Made me tired just reading about the organized chaos!

  4. I used to do the hot dogs in currant jelly years ago and it was delicious, but I had to look hard for the currant part. I did little meatballs in grape jelly. What memories you brought back.