Saturday, February 7, 2015


Made an afghan for a friend having a baby, due in June!!!
Think it turned out wonderful, even if I winged it on the border and just made up stuff as I went along, to get it as big as I thought it should be!!!  Creative, right?  ....

Rained this morning....

Also went to a mixed media canvas art class, it was very fun... start with one of those bare, white canvases, ours was 8x10 so as to not be so horribly intimidating to try to fill a huge space.  The 'instructor' was right there to go thru step by step with us what to do and how, so it was not too bad, just have to have an 'idea'..... so below is what I finished, yes I did!!!!  You just layer and layer and modge podge like crazy!!!  Got all over my hands... It is also something that could use some of my stamping supplies with!!! and have other ideas too so want to do more, but wonder if this is something anyone would like as a gift, I mean how many things can a person hang on their wall?  Anyway???

Take Care All

Hope ya'all are having a nice week-end


  1. Me!! And you wouldn't have to wait for my birthday!

  2. Loree! That is wonderful!! I am a bit envious of all the fun classes that you do. Bend is a pretty coll place for that kind of thing it seems. Living 40 minutes from town keeps me from doing classes. Hate all that driving.

  3. The baby afghan is beautiful! As is your artwork. And, I cannot believe you asked the question, "how many things can someone hang on their walls." You are the expert on that one!