Monday, February 9, 2015

The Printer

I am SO upset with my printer, which I hardly ever use!!  Everytime I try to use it, it is out of ink... always, and I don't use it! Guy at Office Max says you have to leave the printer on, not turn it off.  So I did that.  No difference. THEN I got the new ink and it is so very packaged... I mean really? I suppose I would not want it to leak, but really? Then the yellow would not take, said that it was improperly installed, re did it, again and again, shook it, whatever, would not accept it,  even said it would not accept non HP ink, it IS HP ink... so put in the old one, then it would work, even tho it told me that the ink for yellow was low,  really??? it is OLD ink, am surprised it would even work, with the new other colors in there,  after I figured out that some how or another it was assigned to a wrong printer,  whose?? not one of mine, even the old one, which I should go back to, as it usually did well, altho it would run out of ink too.  But I wanted one that I could copy and scan with.. even tho I have never really done that, because I can't get the darn thing to work on a consistent basis.
All I wanted to do was print one little letter,  one.... is that too much to ask? I did finally get the letter printed,  and it even printed out really good and fast... once I got it all figured (accidently) out
AND I have ink ALL over my fingers, even tho I was very careful to NOT touch the inky part.... still got it all over me.

Well, this was a little rant, wasn't it? I will persevere and try to win out over the machines in my life!!! 

Take Care All and ROCK ON


  1. I had an HP printer that gave me so much trouble from the very beginning that I just gave it away. I now stick to the Brother Laser B & W printer. The toner cartridge lasts forever. I used to buy replacement cartridges from an online office supply that closed in the last year. Their cost was about 1/4 of what the same thing cost at Home Depot!

  2. You are not alone! I keep my printer off to save power and it is always out of ink. Now, I have a new computer, it says it cannot load the printer driver because it is too old.....the printer is only 5 years old. Thanks for letting me rant!

  3. I buy generic refills for my Brother laser printer at, for about 1/4th what it would be for a Brother at Staples. Staples has had some good prices on laser printers recently. I think a Brother B & W was $59, and a Canon all in one was $99.

  4. I had the very same problem just the other day. The problem is that the ink dries out whether you use it or not. So I'm thinking I may put tape over the ink holes until I use it and see how long that will last. Glad you got your letter printed. Planned obsolescence dries me bonkers!!!!