Sunday, May 31, 2015


We had BIG rains here a last week, it was quite something and upset the dogs terribly!!!  Everything greened up and now we are back to normal.
I am doing well, every day is better than the day before and I am doing more and more, in a guarded way :)  slow and steady.  As you get older you do NOT bounce back like you used to!  Has anyone else noticed that? Which is very frustrating and concerning at times.  But am trying to treat myself well and do only what is comfortable and reasonable.
I am alive and kicking.... maybe not kicking butt, but kicking  :)

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. We're going to have a big storm here soon, too. Skies are dark and the lightening just started. WINDY!

    And yes, it does take longer to bounce back. Once, when I was complaining that it was taking too long to feel "better" quite a while after surgery, I was told that it takes a full year to really get back to normal after major surgery. I didn't really believe it, but right about a year after the operation, I noticed I had so much energy. Who knows? And the time goes so fast, as you know. So just relax and do what you can and take good care of yourself. It will all come back. :)

  2. Everything seems to take longer as we age. It's over a week since the wedding and I finally got the post up tonight. Of course a lot of that was because now with the Google Microsoft fight I had to use straight Blogger which is so user unfriendly. Glad to hear you are moving back to normal however slowly.

  3. Good to hear your feeling better even if it is a slow process. Yep it all seems to take longer these days