Saturday, June 6, 2015

To Culver

Beautiful Mt Jefferson, not a lot of snow for just the 1st of June..
Went to Culver for an estate sale, but it was a bust, BUT it was good to get out of Redmond for awhile, just going and doing.  Wanted to go to Cascade Lavender also, but they were not open yet for the season.  Just drove around looking at stuff, no one was home!!!

Found some rusty stuff in Terrebonne..

 And this was in a little car lot, north of Redmond, by Cinder Butte!!! Looks like a fixer upper to me! Bet this went really, really slow.... people determined to GO!!
Mowed my yard this morning, almost too much, BUT I finished (had to get Brian to start the mower for me :)  ah well, one step forward.
Watched the movie "Secretariat" once again and cried and cried, what an achievement! Belmont Stakes today and American Pharoah is going for the triple crown... so hope he wins it!! Lots of background on tv, will take forever for the actual race, so it seems.
Take Care All


  1. He won! He won! I guess you and I both were around when Secretariat won as well. Great times. Nice to see you out and about and getting around in the sunshine, Loree.

  2. Diana loves rusty stuff. She'd be in heaven around that place. I was so excited that American Pharoah won. What a race.

  3. I am guessing that first truck would go pretty cheap:)