Thursday, March 24, 2016

Not Spring Here!!!

Tuesday's drive from Idaho Falls to Christina, Montana was horrendous!!  There was fog after Big Timber and zero visability, had to get out of the car every 20 minutes to clean the ice off of the wipers.... and the wind would howl and sleet would fall... geez fun.....

The snow in West Yellowstone was piled higher than the car, and snow was on the road, I was following some trucks, then they pulled off the road... but soon after dropped low enough into the Gallatin Valley floor along the river that there snow was still falling but not sticking on the road..

 the cow and calf pic is for Tanya!!!!
They had a whole field full of ones still waiting to give birth, this one was just hours old.... and pretty wobbly on the legs ...  My friend got a couple of charlois (sp) bulls and when they get together with the white cows, the calves come out really white and she calls them her snowflake babies...
They have been calving for a month now.. there are Dan and his two sons and a hired man working them, sometimes they have had 30 in a day giving birth... sometimes they have to trail them into a huge barn they have to get them warm then help in 'pulling' the calf,  Dan was up last night til 4 am watching two different ones to make sure they were ok...  I just think they are guardian angels to these cows in making sure all is ok.  they run checks every couple of hours to make sure all is well.  They ALL looked very tired.....  They use little gater 4-wheelers instead of horses these days.. and they have tops and heated seats and all, we got to go for a ride to check them yesterday afternoon and it was quite cozy... of course until you had to get out and actually DO something but I was cozy, toasty :)

This was sunrise this morning! the colors did not come out as vivid as they actually were, it was beautiful, just think I was up in time for the sunrise, b4 7am... could not sleep, guess I was anxious to be on the way....

Here they are, Dan and Deloris Moseman, the nicest ever people and great friends!!!!

Only made it to Sturgis, SD today (thurs) hope to get up early and get away so I can make it to Davenport tomorrow  :)

Take Care and God Bless All


  1. I was thinking about you when I heard about the spring storm. Hope you have some better travel days.

  2. Oh my goodness you are brave. So glad you made it safely in all that horrible weather.

  3. Oh my goodness you are brave. So glad you made it safely in all that horrible weather.