Monday, March 21, 2016

On the Move

Left this morning for Iowa!!! But going the long way, Stopping to see a cousin in Idaho, then to Montana to see a friend I went to High School with. Left this morning at 6am, had really good weather, snow alongside the rode in the Ochocos, and fog around Burt river area.  Was down right balmy when I hit Idaho!! Had to even take off my sweater ...BUT here in Idaho Falls it is cold and looks as if weather is moving in.

I felt I needed to 'get out' see something, do something different, expand my horizons, see people dear to me, (it has been over a year)  and I have an over riding feeling of malaise still left from last year and not wanting to leave the house or town at the very least. Can't even remember last time I went to the Valley for shopping or the beach for walking (oh, I went with my niece last July, but she drove) So I think this is long overdue and think I am pushing the limits and myself in a good direction.

Saw a turkey near Mitchell!! Only time I have ever seen one in the wild before was in Texas.. AND saw  a beauteous  pheasant near Brogan Hill near Vale... such colors!!!
the pictures are not syncing  from the phone.... but did not get pics of the birds :)

Road kill:  one deer, many coyotes..weird I thought.... 4 skunks. and many small critters, chipmonks or small rodents of some sort....

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Hey! Good to see you on the road again. It has been a long time since I first started reading your blog when you were crocheting on the beaches of Florida! Travel safe!

  2. Spring Fever! Happy travels to you.

  3. Nice trip you have planned. Safe travels

  4. Love the sunrise photo. Good one to frame.