Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall is a coming!!

Boy this week sure has changed as far as weather and the scenery, really looks like Fall is coming on strong, leaves turning, cold nights, not just cool, but downright cold. Yes, i am a weenie and the heat is on!!! The doglets LOVE laying in front of the heater and it is a stiff competition to see who wins the bed right in front.  Luci even took to laying right on the wood floor to get closer than Carl could, while he was in the bed, :)
 Have been doing clean-up in the yard.  the neighbors have been harvesting produce from their gardens, (they have a fence!! so they have produce) RV's are scurrying hither and yon on the blogs and can see them going South on Hwy 97....
It is a time of change and laying in for the Winter months to come.
Wal-Mart and other stores have Fall and Halloween things displaying, all the warmer colors of Fall in the burgundy (big color this year) golds, yellows, browns.. It is a beautiful time of the year...
Just went to the Fall/Winter Cabi roll out of the new styles and it was a beautiful collection... was hampered a bit/somewhat/alot by the costs of getting RV ready for sale and paying for those 6 new tires,  they were nice looking and all and made Bonnie put her best foot forward but did not really enhance my outlook at all!!! Or help my pocketbook or showcase my Fall wardrobe!! Hahahaha
Ah, well, this will pass too and things get better as time passes...
Have had my hearing aides for almost a week now, and have noticed all sorts of weirdness, but that is why he did not really fine tune them and have another apt the end of the week, to go in and complain and them 'fix' or fine tune things, hopefully, sounds like I am talking in a tunnel most of the time and can hear myself chew, very distracting and do NOT like that at all.... BUT when at the Cabi party with all the talking here and there, normally I would not be able to hear a thing, and I could hear most all conversations!!! Whether that is good or bad we shall see  :) but it is a big difference.  He said that some people just don't like all the sound coming at them and stop wearing them, hope I am not like that, I can even sit in my chair in the living room and hear if the water is boiling on the stove in the kitchen.  Well, I don't have that big a house!!!! BUT could not do that before, was continually jumping up to go check on things.... see if things were done or not, now I can hear, do you think everyone is like that?  wonder how long it has been this way?  Just gradually goes away and we don't notice.  AND the car, goodness, you can hear all manner of things going on!! Wind coming in the window, the tires on the pavement, the rattle in the back!!! Can hear Luci whining in the bedroom, in the past, that was only something Brian heard, no wonder he was mad and upset with her most all the time!!!  HA!!
Yesterday was nail day, today is hair day....
Take Care and God Bless


  1. So Happy you can hear those potatoes!! Not Fall here yet - too warm but next week in the 70's so hope we will start seeing change! ❤️❤️

  2. I am about to give up on the Fall it has cooled down to high 90's so maybe I shouldn't complain to much. But sure would love some cooler temps.