Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Birdhouse

This is the birdhouse I got at the estate sale... Cool huh? Like the color, makes a POP!!

Today went to Bend for hearing appointment, getting so very tired of going in there and he has not done what he was supposed to do and it was a trip for nothing. The upshot is that I DO need to wear them to get used to them.  It just seems silly to wear them, when I am sitting here by myself, reading  or making cards, tv not on and don't really need to hear anything, right?  Oh well, will wear them and maybe there is something going on that I should know about and just can't hear huh??

 Even tho I did get the doggie treats and envelopes I needed for xmas cards.

Here is the house with those darn trees in the backyard, you can see the leaves are almost all gone...

 See the hangers on... and by the end of today they should all be gone, I think I will need to rake one more time and then will just get abut 1/2 bag.. and then will be well and truly done for sure..

The birdhouse to the right is an old one.... but think it cute.. with those dead blooms by it...

Not much content in this blog, but lots of pics!!!  :0

An old gate a friend gave to me...

 I just love to have marigolds in the yard and near the garden area, Mom always had them to keep 'bugs' out she said.  I still have one the frost has not gotten apparently!!

I a couple of these different flowers in my yard, you can't tell what is real and what is not huh?  haha

Colorful toadstools I got for my birthday this year.... they look happy in the 'leaves'
Tomorrow have a card class to go to in culver, she always has the neatest cards to make, so can hardly wait,  /there is a set at Stampin Up that is 25% off so will have to take advantage of that,  /did I say that I got all my xmas cards done?? Early this year.. just got in and got them all done, excited to have that behind me.  Want to make an afghan, so have to get bust with that, I think it will just be a large granny, like making those, just the same stitch over and over w=until it is the size and colors that you want and not too hard to do, BUT can't read while am doing that and will just have some mindless TV on... hey!!!  will have to put in my hearing aides so I can hear everything and don't have to have the sound up really loud huh????

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Like the toadstools!
    Well the rest of the yard is cute too, but the mushroom really stand out.

  2. Love the bird house and the toadstools too.

  3. Your garden is colorful even in the fall with the wonderful garden ornaments! My audiologist said the most important thing I can do after I get my "ear" is to wear it consistently. I guess it is about adjusting your brain to it, and learning how to adjust them for the environment you are in, whether alone, in a group, at the movies, church, whatever! I can hardly wait to wear it!