Monday, November 14, 2016


livin life..... day to day events.... cleaned house today. Yard is already done.  Went to see The Arrival Saturday... it was ok, but not something I want to watch again... think you are supposed to 'get' something, but I never had my ah-ha moment :(.. dogs are well.  Weather has been awful, well, there were some wonderful days in there where it got to almost 70.  Think all of the early snow at Mt B has melted, BUT snow is expected this week, with the snow/freeze level down to 4000 feet.  we sit at 3000 here in Redmond, so don't see any being here.  Looking back on FB last year at this time we had our 1st and only shoveable snow of the winter season... but does not look like will have any  soon...
So we just go on, day by day.  Been watching a lot of TV and CNN trying to figure out what our world will be like, but it has not reassured me or made me feel good/better.  So life goes on, the sun does come up
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Life does continue to go forward........

  2. Glad to hear you and the dogs are well. I too am trying to figure out what is going on now that so many things I thought were true turned out not to be.

  3. I guess many of us are in the same boat, trying to figure out what comes next. And living day to day for the moment. I can't believe you didn't have that much snow last winter. Just south of you here in Klamath Falls we were buried, not only in snow but ice. Remember those icicles and the huge ice dam we had on our roof?? Not looking forward to that one again. We got our first snow tonight, but so far not for the shovel. Happy and better days to you and to all of us, Loree.

  4. Finally saw Arrival. I agree, would not see it second time. The "get" is around the physics theory that time is spatial like space; ergo the aliens travel seamlessly through time and space; which allowed the heroine to see her future as a way to get their universal language published for when they need our help in 3,000 years.