Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Today in my yard

Today is SUCH a NICE day!!! Supposed to be in 80's... Sunny. clear, just downright pretty... have been dinking around in the yard here and there... grass where it should not be and weeds, oh my!!

Have these grape hyacyinths (sp) all over they just grown here and there, come up on their own, i planted a couple bulbs but not all of the ones that have come up..
 Tulips are just starting and all i have are red ones..
Am in the process of getting ready to be out of town for a month. Going to Iowa.. flying there, i know... have certain trepidation about flying, but what will be , will be, you know.... They say more people die in car wrecks than in airplanes, just not normally as spectacular, huh??? AND seems that alot of weird things are happening.. and now they want to relax FFA standards, really? Geez....
But going on United, not Southwest and don't plan on having any sort of fits or anything that will get me kicked off a flight, hahaha
I have not even met one of the little children i go to see, and he is going to be two this year... so i have been a slackard....

 Here is another of the Lentin Rose, they are so very pretty,

The pink flower has NEVER bloomed before, took it from mom's yard, had it in Bend, then moved it here to Redmond and been here for 7 years now!!! WOW that does not seem possible..... but this year it looks really pretty, but don't know why never bloomed and why this is the year, but thankful it is...

Am not taking my computer with me, so there will be not blog updates,  unless i can figure out the tablet that i have and am taking with me, so maybe someone in Iowa who is literate in these things can show me how to work it!!!!

Below is pic of Carl that was taken today.. he just looks old... is hobbling about, seems like he is in pain most of the time, perks right up when Brian comes home and when he is out trying to kill the neighbor's dog thru the fence.... his daily cardio, haha.  Still eats and poops normally and he is on two different nerve and pain pills.... feel bad for him

Take Care All and God Bless

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