Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Skull Bone

Oh.... this was the coolest thing, was just sitting in chair in front of TV as per usual and something just caught the corner of the eye... and the sun was setting right  while shining thru the eyes....
do do, dodo, do do.... got this in Montana years ago at friends bone pile on their HUGE cattle ranch... also brought back rusted tin cup and barbed wire... a treasure trove of junk stuff that i really don't need.  My brother saw fit to affix this to the tree when i 1st moved into this house... becuz of course i had to bring it with me along with all the rocks i have picked up in my travels and found a home in my garden..... ;0  :) yes, i am a pack rat....

But it was way cool to see, i have never noticed this in all the years i have lived here... must mean something, huh??

Take Care All and God Bless and stay safe