Friday, May 31, 2013


 Last night the washer that came with the house went bonkers up..leaking water ALL over the place, not filling the bin.. EVERY towel in the house was wet, trying to keep the water at bay... It was not leaking from the hoses but was something inside.....
 Well!!  Fear not, I have another washer!!  Yes, yes, I do....  it was the one I got brand new when I was still in the mobile home, 10 years ago....  and somehow, yes, I STILL have it.  My brother used it for awhile, no longer needed it, but I thought someone might NEED it, at some point or another.. so rather than fix the old broken, icky one, I cleaned up the one that had been sitting in the garage for the last almost two years and it works great!!!!  Doing all of those towels now!!!
So, the moral of this sad, yet true story is,  if you keep things long enough and don't get rid of anything, maybe you might have a use for it, down the road, eventually  :)
Borrowed a dolly from the neighbor and he took pity on me, or his wife volunteered him :)  to help me,  well don't think I could have done the change of the old to the new without his sturdy, knowledgeable help
 This is what I call my side yard, destined to be a garden.. south facing, very hot out there.. you will notice there is nothing there!!!!  that is right, I have spent ALL of this time, weeding, killing weeds, pulling weeds, had Brian rototill it.. STILL weeds came up,  BUT I am persistent and now there are NO weeds there.  it is finally ready for the next phase.....  all the grass growing along the sidewalk is also pulled out.. as that will have flower beds there, with a fence along it, so people will not cut across my yard, don't like that....  it is exciting to see progress..... note magnolia bush to the right of the picture is doing really well and the heather plants put out by the street are mostly dead  :( don't know what happened to them, I did water.....
This is under my living room window..LOTS of poppies this year, love it!!  Don't know what the Florida pelican thinks.... but am sure he is happy..
Take Care All


  1. There is no bigger mess than water all over. Glad you had a solution and a wonderful neighbor!!! Enjoy the weekend washing!!!

  2. How fortunate you had another washer on hand. Be careful though, as hoses tend to dry out and deteriorate when not used for a long time.