Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Got Nothing

Just day to day bliss.  reading, crochet, house cleaning and picking up, dogs, in and out.  Went to Madras today.  Had to check on RV after the heavy snow.  Doesn't seem to be any leakage and solar panel seems to be charging well. Brother Jerry drove it up onto blocks, so the tires are not resting on the grass/dirt, so was able to get the front window coverings on.  Forgot the wheel covers but Rita said they would do them.  Hate to ask them to do things after I am parking there for nothing and they help with lots of things.  Still have to figure out why the electric outlets don't work, still think it is the house batteries...
Snow is all gone.. it was a nice balmy day in Madras  :)  walked around outside and they burned some dead grass along fence lines, dogs were happy to run/poke around.  Luci is exhausted ( they have four dogs ) she spends all her time keeping the other dogs at bay... haha, they are pretty subservient to her and she is pretty nasty/snarly with them.
Yesterday went to Macy's BIG sale...  lots of winter sale items  :)  I was a happy shopper.
Also went to the Mennonite bakery in Madras...yummo
Take Care All


  1. Great title. Those words often are the first that come to mind when I sit down at the keyboard:)

  2. Those doxies really do know how to be in charge. Most days anymore I also have nothing.

  3. I wonder about the RV outlets. If that happens to me I check the switch that is near the door, and controls all the electrical.
    Good luck!

  4. I remember when I used to get so excited about a Macy's sale. No more!

  5. Well said, day to day bliss. Life is grand no matter what. Good for Luci for being in charge. I'll bet she's in charge of Carl too.