Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh, My Land!!

Yesterday Morning woke up to this!!!  Again!!

You can see by the road in front that it was wet and gloppy... and slushy on the road, which was pounded off pretty fast...  We still have some out there today, but roads are bare and it is all falling off the tree out front..

This was on the way to Bend on the old highway...  did not keep me home no siree.. HAD to go the Barnes & Noble as there is a 20th Anniversary edition of "Outlander" by Diana Galbadon that I HAD to have... they had to order it and are shipping it to me...

Can't believe it has been 20 YEARS... since I first read that... think I need to read it again!!!!

My poor flag... it is really faded too, suppose being out all the time in all the different weather makes it get the way it does, am going to have to replace it.  Also replace the flag on my Mom & Dad's plot at the Redmond Cemetery at the same time.

Take Care All

I am SURE the weather is going to turn for the better any day now  :)


  1. Spring has got to show up sometime. I think somebody needs to tell Mother Nature that it is March already.

  2. Must be time to hang out the whites on the line, he? HAHAHA Cold, too, I bet. We've just had a lot of rain, so if you need to rinse the clothes first, you could hang 'em out over here.LOL

  3. Snow AGAIN. Well at least you are used to it. Spring Equinox is less than 3 weeks away. Hope that means the end is in sight. LOVE the Outlander series. I had no idea it was the anniversary. Have you read them all?? I'm still looking for a 21st Century Jamie.

  4. The snow is beautiful but, frankly, I'm glad you're looking at it & not me! Stay warm!