Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Day

You know I am busy ALL the time, just about.  AND don't normally have a lot to show for it, just little things getting done, day by day.   Going to spa, got toes done (pedicure) then to post office.  Back home to start watering back yard, front yard this afternoon. up/down moving sprinkler.  Dogs in/out.  Load of clothes-sheets from my bed.  Luci bath.  Put Adirondack chairs out front, had to wash them off. Want to sit out front and watch people come and go.  Have Luci out there, so she can get used to the people and noise, maybe she won't bark at everything that goes by???  Bri and I even sat out front when he came home from work and chatted, it was nice.  Fixed Swiss steak for was good, with mashed taters as a side.  Garbage to the front street for tomorrow pick-up, had to get the glass stuff out there too, only have to do that about once every 2 months, don't really use that much that is in glass these days, mostly plastic stuff for recycle...  Pull some weeds.  Read, be on computer, do checkbook, another load of clothes as 'someone' decided to pee on the rug in utility ????  What is that?  Anyway?  Reading a Tami Hoag mystery, "Secrets To The Grave".... it seems awfully familiar..what is with that?  have I read it before?  was there a TV adaptation  that I watched?  from what I remember, there are many things expanded in the book, I could not have forgotten ALL of that could I?  It is like reading a whole new book, can't remember who did it?  So have to forge ahead and find out... geez is all I can say if I have read it before.... have GOT to get a better system, but it was in the TBR pile... and not in the recycle bag...  :(  it is a mystery in and of itself  ... hahaha  Try to get all my water down. That goes on all the time, think I do pretty good, BUT has to be watched and be diligent about it continually.  Was sore from yoga yesterday, sun salutations just kick my butt!  So it felt good to be active and moving about, doing this & that.  At least I can move, which is a GOOD thing.
Take Care All
Oh, it was a beautiful, lovely day here in Central Oregon, clear skies, some wispy clouds, could see the mountains clear as anything, snow melting up there  ... oh, they opened the road around /century Drive Monday!!!  Want to drive up there and see the snow!

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