Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Not Much

Aren't these cute lawn ornaments?  The stampin Up ladies yard, she has more cute things and some really lovely flowers..

Aren't these lilies beautiful??

Today was nail day... then had to go to another place and get Luci's meds, then to another to get my B12... Then to the fruit stand.... then back to the house to get Luci to get her nails done/trimmed, not the same as mine, hahaha  then finally home to rest...... water more yard.  Things are wilting... and drying out... this time of year can'e keep ahead of what needs to be seen to next..
A friend had a memory on Facebook that 7 years ago we were zip lining in Dubuque, Iowa!!!! It was really fun.... but were short little ones and not WAY high.. high enough for some, but think about it, there are not that many high places in Iowa!!!!
Brian got a different job..... working at a place that makes industrial air conditioners.  have i already said this?  gets him out of the sun and snow and there are benefits!! But it is boring, nothing satisfying that you can see at the end like a nicely landscaped yard or park.  He just does, bits and pieces here and there.... told him if that is what they want to pay him for, then..... what is to complain.
Take Care All and God Bless

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