Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 Just love SnapChat!!! and all of things i can be!!!

Today was beautiful!!! so i worked in the yard, picking up twigs from trees in back and breaking them to fit in recycle bin, raked more/left over leaves and picked up, blew out dirt in garage with blower thing..

should have waited till the end of the day to post as surely i would have more to put in here, and 'lo i did!! messed up keying in brian's w-2 last year in all of the many, many forms to fill out for UPS and he paid NO fed taxes, so, now of course he has to, and tried to get into the program to correct and OH. MY. GOD. passwords and pins and protections, OH. MY.  had a total meltdown, yet again, snot, ugly cry all over the place, got locked out for the day on the computer web site as tried too many times and it was just the final straw... can't stand, will wake up tomorrow all swollen eyes and headache, ick.... why do we do that to ourselves? once i started could not stop... was noon and had not showered yet or gotten out of jammers, so just got in shower and washed it all down the drain, ain't life grand....

Take Care and God Bless ALL


  1. Melt downs are now a sporadic part of life here and will be for a while. Grief takes many forms and having melt downs about small things usually goes back to the big thing. Let it out, sister.

  2. I usually have to take several days to do our taxes on line cause I get so frustrated and angry and I end up crying. Find I'm crying a lot more lately. But its such a good release. So its okay to cry. Are we supposed to be out of jammies before noon? Don't let my hubby know that. Some days I dont ever get out of jammies.