Sunday, July 18, 2021


 Have LOTS of these this year!! even had to pull some out of garden space... sun not getting to the cukes...

My sitting place.... Things just dry out so much and fast. I try to keep things watered, but my niece said things were ot getting enough, so i put the sprinkler on stuff every other day..
see, lots

and after all of the angst and watering, these are my tomatoes so far! Three i think... geez... my grandma lived in Redmond and she always had a big garden and got lots of produce, me, not so much... and o my goodness, MOM had huge garden and always did well, but then she was in Culver and about two weeks ahead of us, just that much lower altitude.. she always said thst if the worst happened, she could feed us all, they always had cattle too.  so we would have been well covered.. and i am just waiting for the deer to 'discover' us...

I am just so negative nellie today

the shasta daisies are doing really, really well and spreading all over the place...

nothing else much happening.

luci yearly blood draw came back no worse, so that is a good thing

Take Care all and God Bless... stay cool

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