Thursday, September 16, 2021


New start on another afgahn...

Had issues w/ Walgreens... where i get my prescriptions.

Went by one afternoon and too many cars in line.. then went back later in evening.. about 5:23p... there was a sign that said they closed at 6.. ok i was only about 5th in line.. WELL.... i noticed the car in front of me getting waited on and they put some signage in the window, it was 5:59p and when i pulled up to be waited on... sign said due to staffing that  that they were closed and the blind was pulled down.. sat there for awhile. nothing... but i saw someone in there working... i left... really upset, as i suppose the 4 cars behind me were too.  SO this morning i got up at 7:30am went to Starbucks and got to Walgreens when they opened at 9am.. LOTS of cars in parking... doesn't look good, and low and behold there about 10 cars in line already!!! So got in line and worked my way to the front and FINALLY got my pills.  took about half an hour.... Prior to this about a week... i went for another prescription... and they had closed the drive up window at 7pm.. so went inside and was only about 5 people waiting... had been in before that and there had been about 30 in line inside, with cars wrapped around the store  

SO what the heck is going on??? not enough staff to take care of all the people?  before they were able to keep up with all these people and now they can't? or are there that many more people going in there?  Hard to know... did not feel like talking to them... and i need to get a flu shot... how am i to do that?  maybe get it somewhere else?   Doctor office?  Rite Aide? Don't know, but this is just concerning...

Take Care All and God Bless, take a breath.....


  1. At our Walgreens they do covid tests at the window so the line is very slooooooow.

  2. I quit using walgrees years ago.
    Like the colors and the pattern for your afgahn

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  4. So far we aren't having that problem with our Walgreens or CVS. But the snowbirds aren't here yet so things could take a turn for the worse in a month or so. Have you checked into home delivery of your meds?

  5. Shortage of pharmacists. The have to have one on duty or the have to close.