Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 These are my backyard trees, with ALL the leaves!!! And they are just about down.

Already have 10 bags and lots to go!

It has really turned cold and blustery today. Yesterday was just wonderful. Had a day of chores, here and there and round about, in and out of the car..

Have got to get Halloween cards done!! And a box off to the Iowa kids... am slow.. but have gotten birthday cards done!!

The leaf color about town is just beautiful

One of those b-day cards.. using the forever Fern set

Nothing else to say, forgot to put the stew meat on, so we will probably be eating at midnight, HA!!!


Take Care and God Bless 

the last of the pictures of the whirlygig with the tree across the street, until there is snow on it!! I sit in my chair and take these pictures, the light shining on that tree at certain times of the day is just beautiful and noteworthy

that tree is late getting green in the Spring and loses its needles/leaves early too, but stays and bright yellow color for most of the Fall weather..

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