Thursday, December 2, 2021


Isn't he the pip?? I have looked ALL over for my elves and gnomes.. went thru many boxes.. well, not really many but the obvious places, only have about 4 of xmas decorations.  but they were nowhere!!! THEN there was a bag on a top shelf and, yes!!! There they were, but took me a week to find them, as it never occurred to me to look there, but they had to be somewhere, right? AND who knows what i was thinking last year when putting them away... but found stuff, did not know i had... and things that are no longer as great as when i got them, i guess..  soooo they are in the car for dropping off at Good Will...

Mom had some of these, and in the distribution of things, i did not get them, don't know where they are now.  But Brian asked about them a couple years ago, he used to play with them at mom's when we went there for the Holidays.  AND i saw these at the Vermont Store, and ordered them, they are too small, but kind of expensive now..... there are larger ones too, but did not see them in this years catalog.  they are sort of creepy cute, huh? Much like the Elf on the Shelf that they have now,

Here's another.... along with the little animals with real fur from different animals.. wool, alpaca

He is really a Tomte, from Sweden.. there are childrens books about him, many stories, as he is a jokester and always causing trouble. Especially love his beard..

Also have a number/bunch of little ones, from Sweden that we got at Bishop Hill, in Illinois.. a cute little community.  

they have a xmas celebration and a queen or whatever with a crown with candles in it...  they have lovely little stores... and artisans making different things,  like brooms, wool things, braided rugs and nice tea shop

I am just glad i found them at last, Brian was saying it wasn't really xmas w/o the gnomes!!!

Have been busy sewing... making those bowl cozies, to put your hot cup or bowl into so as not to burn your hands when heating something in the microwave... am getting quite adept at them!!! hahahahaha but it was fun to pick out different materials to match...  also doing large hot pads and pillowcases.. got those all done... and i have become one with my sewing machine.... I am sure my friend is looking over my shoulder guiding me as she knows how frustrated i get when things do not go as i feel they should go, with no issues... think i have finally figured out the ins and outs of "winding the bobbin"  geez.... that is a pain... but this last time, no issue,,, just have to hold things in the correct manner or the dumb machine won't go as i think it should to get the job done.  :)   Have couple days of work to get everything done that i want to...

Reading Jodi Picoult "Wish You Were Here" and it seems to be a good book, she got it out fast and is about living in covid times and getting stuck in an isolated place when traveling and not able to get home.. that would be a nightmare

Take Care all and God Bless


  1. He's sooo cute. My neighbor has a gnome that I love. Saw some at Walmart yesterday for $9. Maybe I'll go back today and get one.

    I'm hoping we get some decorating done today. At least outside.

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