Friday, March 3, 2023


 We went for a walk today... going to try every day.. he pulled, but not so very horrid, Brian has been working with him. He got into a roll of toilet paper today... you know i watch him all the time.. yet he does these things, he is fast or... maybe i do not watch as closely as i think i do? He is getting better. Put a pee pad by my bedroom door at night and he uses it! which is better than peeing on the end of the bed or on the carpet. He just hasn't  learned to 'let' me know when he needs to go out, bark, ring the bells, whine, something, he may just go near the door and then back into the living room, so you need to be on your toes to even notice. and mostly i 'catch' when he needs to go out.  then every once in a while i will just put him out as it has been some time, and maybe? and so it goes. he is a pistol tho... we put mail in a crate by my chair, junk mail, envelopes plus read newspaper, and he has at some point seen me 'bury' the mail under the papers, so now he roots around under the papers to get to the mail and LOVES to shred.... it was cute at first..... not so much now, after untold numbers of shredded paper that has had to be picked up and fished out of his mouth!!!(he doesn't seem to mind me sticking my fingers in his mouth) He is loosing his teeth like crazy

He got a yeast infection in his ears, so has to have drops for 10 days and after the 3rd day he is pretty good about letting me do it.. i think because afterwards i massage it in and he really likes that.

He is getting looooonnnng, his face and body.... his sister was too. (she was there from the prior litter last year) and is keeping his dark, rich, copper color.

He no longer needs to always be on my lap and chooses to lay on the couch, Brian's chair, or the bed i have beside the chair. And he will quite often curl up on the end of the bed at night. BUT he does need to be where i am all the time, in the same room.. no sneaking off to the bathroom!

AND he knows at the bank he gets a treat and at Starbucks a pupcup.  He will quite loudly bark at them when we pull up to the window or the order thingy (what is that called?) the clerks get quite a kick out of that.... he does have a really loud bark! And he is starting to be an alarm system... Brian and Robin snuck in the other day and he was asleep and had quite a melt down until he realized who it was....

Yep, keeps me busy, gets me out of this chair. He is my little buddy companion.

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Stubborn, bullheaded, noisy, independent, and the best dogs ever. He's so beautiful.

  2. Finn is getting to be such a handsome boy! Glad he's making progress in the "domestic" things.