Monday, September 10, 2012

New Frig!!

 Well, it has taken awhile to show, but here is the new frig, see, just a frig, nothing really exciting, except the ice maker is STILL not hooked up.  The fitting on the copper coil in back does not fit what is on the frig, so have a repairman called & see if he gets back to me or not :(  It is still sitting in the midst of my very small kitchen- waiting, can't see getting everything in it or on it then have to take it all apart so the 'guy' can fix it.
 It has fixed shelves in the door as the movable ones are always falling out for me it seems. Do i put too many things in them?  these will work fine. Appears like it will be easy to clean too, none of those rails on the shelves to clean individually, that is a pain. And clear bins to see into also.  Like that.  I don't need that pepto bismal anymore!!!  I guess it is for guests after they eat my cooking,  haha  :)

Fixed this for dinner on Saturday when brother and sil came over. Chicken chili tacos from Pinterest, i thought they were really good, So did they, thank heavens... Always nice when people appreciate what you fix, but makes a huge batch, so have LOTS of leftovers, but with all the beans & chicken it is high in protein.
Have a good week All, Take Care!!!


  1. I made a similar dish over the weekend--crockpot chicken taco chili. Mine turned out to be delicious, too. My recipe was an adaptation from the website Great minds think alike!

  2. Sure hope the contractor gets back to you soon. They are not to good in this part of Florida:(

  3. Your frig has a lot of stuff in it. That's good. Mine is empty as a dumb persons brain. lol That chicken chili tacos looks tasty. I've never had one. Pinterest is really a great site to search for recipes.
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