Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Into the Woods (on Tuesday)

 Man, am I having a problem with Explorer!!  it is not bringing up my pictures, got these off my camera.  if I get them off the camera then can I not do them off the computer in the same blog???  Oh well!!!
We had a GREAT day yesterday!..  Went to Sahalie Falls on the McKenzie River...  what a wonderful lovely walk.  At the Sahalie Falls we went to the north on the trail for about 1/2 mile and there is a bridge across the river to the West side of the river and walked down it to the reseviour on the south end.  LOTS of old growth trees,  just au natural.... even laying higgly piggly all over in the forest.  Very up and down trail, lots of rocks,  lava rock and roots (have lovely pictures on the camera).. There are two other falls on this trail and many smaller rolling falls, lots of huge rocks in the river and ledges.  There was a light rain falling all day long, but we never got soaking wet and some places there was no rain at all due to the dense canopy cover. At the far South end there was another rest room.  Coming up the East side of the River it was not rocky hardly at all, but there were steps built in and the trail was more developed and could see why, there were a lot more people, don't think the trail is well marked at the beginning as to what all it includes.  On the West side we saw maybe 6 people in all and on the East side 4x that number and they were all day trippers, not going for the long walk.

My new LL Bean boots worked really well.  We walked for 2 1/2 hours and went probably 4 miles.  Today I am not too awfully sore anywhere, BUT I did have to take a vicoden last night for my back  :)...  it was having fits.....  I survived and had a really good day/time/walk!!!
Thanx to Patti for walking/hiking with me!

Take Care All


  1. Love that picture of you between the trees. This sounds like a great hike. I actually love to hike in the rain if it isn't pouring.

  2. Pictures are wonderful love the old trees and they roots.

    About a year ago I could no longer post pictures to my blog from Explorer and had to change over to Google Chrome I can now post pictures with no problems.