Sunday, August 14, 2016

a 'little' trip

Friend Carol G. is housesitting in Salem.  so I went over to spend a couple days with her and maybe visit some people that I want to keep in touch with...... WELL  best laid plans.....
First thing I left my camera at home, I NEVER do that!!! felt like I was really missing something. then stopped at a rest area outside Salem that I always stop at and dropped my phone in the toilet,  good thin is it is NOT a pit toilet! but still..... was in my back pocket, which I never do.... why did I do that?  wellllllll, it still worked, thought I had dodged a bullet, but lo and behold it would not charge..... the only way it will work is on a standing charger thingy, have to go tomorrow and get a new phone, I have insurance, so maybe just use that feature, don't know, but I do NOT want to lose all my contacts, pictures and calendar..... :(  am not happy and feel so lost without it, what did we ever do without them??? I am finding out.....
Friend Nora, has moved back to the beach, so she was not in Portland, was having lots of company for the week end, so a drive over visit was not going to work.  So will plan a visit for next month.  We went to Lincoln City for the day, what a mistake!!! SO much horrid traffic, took like half an hour after hit Lincoln City to get to the beach or access to beach, traffic was slow, traffic lights were not working, fun, fun.. But finally got there and did a short walk and sit, was nice, shirt sleeve weather, but foggy.  of course, no pictures......
THEN was not aware that if you sit in the car with the lights on, radio going and trying to charge a phone (did a drive thru due to dogs with us and can't leave them in the hot car) the battery takes just NO time at all to drain!!!! Kudos to the great guys at Newport Oil Can Henry's for coming to our rescue, jumping the car then checking to make sure it was charging ok. There are GREAT people out there willing to be helpful for no charge!!!
We drove to Newport to see more beach and did not want to get back into that long line going back to Salem out of Lincoln City...
Did no shopping, dogs in car, the whole week end!!!! Watched Olympics, read, made some cards, cut things out with die cuts.... may not sound exciting but we had a good time, and talked the whole time, don't know about what, but there was a continual dialog!!!!   :)
These people have a great home, very simple really, older home, no master bath, but two sitting areas, huge deck with a cover and comfortable chairs, enclosed back yard that no one can see into, everything has really nice finishes... and they have a refrigerator to die for, really, one of those that open doors right and left and a drawer and all of these cool drawers for different things to go into.. don't know if it would fit in my house, the whole kitchen would be refrigerator!!!!  But it is really nice!!! She is after my own heart as every wall is covered with bookcases or dressers, chairs, no empty spaces.
Had a good time
Think this is the 1st time this year have been over the Santiam, strange, then came back over Mt Hood, they changed signs, no longer says to Mt Hood but to Estacada, and have to know that is the way to Mt Hood!!!!  Ha, had to correct and go back around, and then there was a new exit.. knew when I got to Clackamas Town Ctr I had gone too far.
Oh and the Navy friend I looked up on GPS and found her house, was not home.  then when I went thru Madras stopped to see brother and they were not home.... geez, see, what a trip..... don't try to surprise people... the surprise was for me!!!!!
So am back home, watered, been to grocery store, got the kitchen cleaned and laundry (oh and I left my dirty clothes there, so friend, Carol, has to cart those home for me) in process.....  it was just one disaster after another and my problem solving skills  were lacking or NOT there!!!!

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. At least your header doesn't say More nothing. But hope all goes well with your new phone change over. Your trip was kind of like Murphy's Law

  2. Sounds frazzled and fun and funny! Glad you two got to meet up even with the "off" moments. The card making time was probably worth it all. Nothing like live time conversation across a kitchen table.

  3. Wow you had very bad pretty terrible day I agree with the camera, the phone and no on is at home at a minimum.. Now that it's over, you don't have to worry about anything bad happening for a while. Wish you had taken your phone battery out and put the phone in a bag of rice. We've saved several that got dunked that way. Although your story of the dunking did make me laugh.