Saturday, August 20, 2016


WELL... I failed my new intro check-up with primary care doctor in the hearing category  :( Met with her on Wed and the audiology guy, who was very nice and he said I was 'a very good looking woman' !!! no one has ever told me that before, sort of set me aback.... it was in the context that I did not want some old huge thing sticking out my ear, I think in any case I would not like that!!!  But they have so very many alternatives to that anymore, it is ok... So this week end I am 'trying' some aides out.... and it is really startling.. 1st thing was I turned the tv down from a sound setting of 52 to 30!!! And can hear all manner of things being said.  going to the movie today to see if that is better too, as I am always saying what? what? what did they say???   maybe, just maybe I will be able to hear everything all by myself, do you think??? We get so used to compensating for our defincincies (sp) that do not notice a change, until there is something drastic that helps..... it sort of makes me feel old, but then again I think if this makes things easier for me, and I am not in the dark or outside the loop so much of the time, one might say.. I think it is an ok thing.  AND of course Medicare, so then insurance does not pay for these, just like vision, apparently, as we age we no longer need to see or hear to go about our lives...!!!!! BUT they have a payment plan, so convenient of them, don't u think???  hahaha
So am entering a big new world... it is sort of like when I had cataracts removed and was able to see!!! things I never knew were there before... geez..... miracle.......
Take Care All and God Bless
Taking one day at a time and ever moving forward


  1. Congrats on accepting the need for hearing aids. I need them but still perfer to pretend that I do not-not sure why:)

  2. Please check your Medicare supplement it does pay for a very small portion of the aid and it does pay for the hearing test
    I wear a hearing aid myself which runs about $950 if you take the same aid Mericle ear the same unit is about $2000 and a rip off. Look into at Siemens Check about three different companies in your neighborhood you should see it quite a difference in price When the time comes to purchase one find out how long the warranty is and can you pick up the warranty before the actual expiration date of the manufactures warranty usually you can
    Just make sure it's an unconditional warranty if the dog eats it well you'll have to pick it up and show the audiologist they may not want it but at least it's visible mine just took my word for it 20 bucks I got a new one

  3. In the process of exploring hearing aid options myself. My ears will never get 100% better so after we rule out one more thing (Ugh) I will probably get at least one. So much scar tissue. I look forward to not having to ask the grandkids to speak a little louder!

  4. Good for you - this will be exciting, I think. So many people refuse to accept that their hearing is going. But they are very expensive, I'm glad they have a payment plan, if I ever need them, I'll certainly need that plan! I'll be interested in your journey through this. Good luck!

    I sometimes have hearing issues, but apparently - according to my tests - my hearing is PERFECT. I asked, if my hearing is perfect, why can't I always hear, I so often read lips. I guess I have deficiencies in certain tones, like my daughter's voice (?) tones and others, and they don't count. Strange.

    1. WELL the audiologist I went to certainly thought that not hearing certain tones was a BIG deal, I failed like half that test, a whole range I just did not hear! Who knew? I was always getting things garbled and it seemed unlikely people were actually saying what I was hearing, and sure enough they were not saying what I heard!!, Even wearing the aides for one week end, everything was so clear.. it is a whole new world.