Thursday, September 1, 2016

Not so warm...

All the sunflowers got decimated by the DEER!!  Neighbor says there is a large buck and he wipes his antlers on them and they break and fall down, was disappointed they did not last longer, were just in the prime too!!  Oh well.... What can you do?
Weather has turned, into sweaters and sitting here with winter slippers on and hoodie!!!  Ha! Suppose I will survive, and am NOT going to complain as it was not too long ago I was sweating if I even moved!!! Today is pay day and bill day...  :( Went to Costco, out of TP and laundry soap was on sale, $4.50 off, such a deal..... Long week end ahead, was going to go to state fair as Credence Clearwater is playing, but it just seemed like too many moving parts and too hard to make the plans... so brother going to get me a t-shirt!!!  such a deal!!
Am reading Girl on the Train by Paula Hankins and half way thru and I am just not getting into it!!! Don't know why, it is really hard for me to tell right off which character is doing the talking and it keeps switching back and forth.... But it is keeping me involved, so guess that is a good thing.
Signed up for Redmond community concert series, which starts in Oct and runs once a month thru march with some good artists to look forward to.  Mom used to always take me to them (the concerts) and friend Tanya and I are going, should be fun.. something different. And the Voertbergs are having a Christmas concert this year again, looking forward to going to that, they are such a good really large family from Washington, that sings and plays all sorts of different instruments, but noteably violins that they have won contests with, they are really good, Mom even sings a song or two and she is wonderful!
Well, need to go start dinner Take Care All!!!


  1. I could not get into that book either, Loree.

  2. Cool enough for slippers and hoodie, OH would I love that so ready for some cool weather we hit 102 yesterday.

  3. I am still looking forward to cool. My answer for your flower problem (in my case)- eat venison:)

  4. Well, our little spell of nice weather has changed backed to 90's. It was nice having sweater weather, AC off, and windows open for sleeping for a few days.