Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beauteous Week end

Got the outside of RV washed and moved it to Redmond, neighbor is going to help get it in the driveway so I can hook up elec and vacuum inside.  do water thing, water pump inside was not working but now it is, why one time and not another, who knows? Drove good to get here.
Yesterday I went to Saturday mkt at NW Crossing, Art at the Old Mill, I swear some of that stuff was like a nightmare.  But all in all very beautiful things. /then /Saturday mkt in downtown Bend.  Saw nothing there of interest, well everything interesting but not enough to cart home :)
At NW Crossing got a crossant with spinach and feta, it was very good and these HUGE raspberries, they were very good too!!Then home and have bee putzing around for ever, going from on thing to another.  Next week is Sept 1st, can a person even believe that!!??? I can't, time has a way of motoring on by.
Next week hearing aides should be here, and have appts for personal care, nails and such... so nothing very exciting, but exciting that I have STUFF to look forward to :) Then 2nd Tuesday coming up where I go to high school reunion gathering at local pizza place, the salad bar, I always feel so OLD doing that, HA!!! with all of my white haired classmates... how in the world did that happen? Then 2ns Saturday is stampin up workshop and always have a good, fun, learning time there.
Well, going to take another load of laundry out, today is SHEET day,, always hate making a bed, don't know why, not too bad tearing it apart, but such a chore getting it all back together..
Take Care All and God Bless

GREAT Fall weather we are having.... warmish, but cool, cool nights


  1. Sounds like the water pump could have a sometimes short or maybe it is just quirky:)

  2. I'll be very interested to hear about your hearing aids. What you get and how you like them. David needs some BADLY (I shout). It's always nice to have things to look forward to and you have a nice list. I absolutely love putting clean sheets on my bed and even more I love sleeping in them.

    1. I love clean sheets and sleeping in them too! But just not the remaking of the bed :(