Friday, April 9, 2021


 Took a little drive today for an estate sale near Bend, this was the view on the way back, 3 Sisters!!! It was a beautiful day still a bit cold tho... the sale was a bust... didn't get there until 11p, u would think there would still be lots of things and it was pretty bare.  It was a great, huge house tho, interesting layout with living and kitchen upstairs.. They did not even have any of the rooms open, just the two large living areas and the garage... there were a couple of collections of high priced figuerines and the silver of course, seems like no one likes silver anymore, not in alot of our lifestyles. and apparently the descendents did not want it either. not even any books. and pictures were all copies... sooooo that one did not work out.  yesterday went to one and they had alot of antiques and got a couple of old fruit jars, could not resist... one had WHOLEFRUIT on it, an Atlas, never saw that before... and it was one of those huge ones w/ screw tin lid that was in really good shape, the other had a glass lid with the clamps.

Been doing a bunch of yardwork, still picking up those darn leaves, cept now they are all really dead and crisp.. Deer ate most all of my tulips out front, don't even know why i try,  but did leave a couple of them in another place, don't know how they missed them! Buggers

going to birthday dinner for my niece, she turned 31!!! Geez, hard to believe AND it will be the 1st time i have eaten out in a restaurant in over a year!!! Have had both shots and it has been two weeks after, so, feel pretty safe about it. Can't believe that is a topic of conversation....  No probs with the shots, 1st one hurt like heck for a couple days, this one, nothing at all.... Phyizer (sp)

Hope all is well with everyone, Take Care and God Bless

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  1. Thanks for the sunny-day picture...I love camping at La Pine State Park or up at East Lake and Paulina...