Monday, April 12, 2021


Went for a ride the other day and ended up at Smith Rocks.  Boy when we moved here in 1961 one would never have thought this place would ever be as crowded as it now becomes, apparently on a daily basis, i was here on a Tuesday.. and it was hard to find a parking space, and u can't just park all willy-nilly like you used to be able to do.. very structured now.  it is a climbers mecca i guess.... last tie i was down there in the 80's i herd snakes in the river brush and could not get out of there fast enough... well, actually i heard 'something' moving... who knows, but you know the imagination....  We could see these HILLS at our ranch out O'neil Way... ONE mile off the backroad on a ditch road.... we would have to walk that mile after getting off the school bus every afternoon... no matter the weather.... such fun times.... hahaha

But this HILLS do make for a great picture...


Not a month goes by that there is not an accident and search & rescue has to pluck someone off the wall or from the bottom of the gorge.  The river is the Crooked River.

Watched Hemingway on PBS this week, what a life he had, and a sad and terrible ending at 61 no less.. seemed like he basically drunk himself to death, prior to his final solution.  I have never read anything of his, but have ordered the Hemingway Stories from Amazon.. we will see....

i am reading the Infinite Plan an early, 1991, book by Isabel Allende.. i normally like her books, but am having a slow slog with this one.. but then am in a slump right now, i go thru those from time to time.  probably need to read a stupid, vapid romance to give me an urge for some good writing!!!

The days are getting warmer... i am in the process of garage cleaning, which Brian is eagerly awaiting the finish... he says i need to get MY stuff out of HIS area.... i have emptied out some shelves and boxes.  I swear, some of that stuff i have no recollection where or who it came from, and have not opened the box in the 11 years we have been here, soooooo guess i really don't need it, right? really??!  it just seems hard for me to make decisions.... or for some things really easy.... like really? you need that, what is it? where did it come from?

TakeCare All and God Bless

oh my gosh!!!! and i have boxes/buckets/sacks of beautiful, perfect shells from the Outer Banks and Navarre, FL

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  1. I'm afraid all these wonderful areas have been discovered and people won't go away. I know I'm selfish because I want to enjoy these beautiful places without stepping on people everywhere. I find a light romance or cozy mystery are really fun to read. I've been cleaning out my closet. I have way more clothes than I ever wear which is ridiculous. Good luck with your purging.