Monday, July 26, 2021


 last Friday was a very beautiful day, no smoke!!!

Went school clothes shopping, we had a good time, lunch at Subway... what she wanted and ate at the viewpoint tween Sisters n Bend.  It is always a good place to stop and gander at all of the mountains on the horizon...

Made a bunch of cards with my BEE stamp, just love that set, don't know why guess it "speaks" to me, hahaha

There are just SO many things you can do with it.  I get ideas from Pinterest, so don't think that they are all my original designs,  no, not so.  I can copy really good. and use only Stampin Up things, so everything matches in some way, stamp pads, paper, ribbon.  Which makes it lots easier.... and less ick mistakes.

AND have done alot of sitting with Luci... she is just being an overall pill, won't potty when supposed to, waits till i am in the shower, even tho, i put her out b4 i get in there, due to past experience.... spits out her pills,  will go in after she has eaten and there is her pill in the dish, eats all around it... what the heck? I have been taking her with me most every place i go.  if i am going to be getting out of the car for any length of time, i leave her home, just too hot still in the car most of the time, even with windows down.  She just wants to be with me all the time.... even if i go out to water, she whines at the door the whole time.  Yesterday there were even 3 other people in the house and that was not me i guess. and when she sleeps it is a deep sleep, have to shake her to wake her up. Vet said that was normal, it was alarming at first.  But other than those things she appears to be doing fairly well.  ( when i go out to water, she does not want to be there with me, she hates the water and just runs to the house, as if i squirt her EVER)

This is a wall to the greenhouse at my niece's, thought it was a cool thing to do with her kids....

 And a sunflower at her house, thought it unusual and pretty colors....

Take care all and God Bless


  1. Shopping for school clothes. Been a long time since I've done that. Glad you had a beautiful day. The smoke is so bad here that the mountains have disappeared. Poor Luci. Its really hard on them as they age. Hard on us too both physically and emotionally. Just love her every chance you get. Miss them so much when they are gone.

    1. I DO love her dearly but geez.. the in and out and 'accidents' in the house are getting old.. and i know they are not accidents, but that she is mad at me for some reason or other :)