Tuesday, August 10, 2021


 Yep, this shows total relaxation, BUT also why i sleep on edge of the bed, as she is in the MIDDLE of the bed!!!  She always has to be touching me... which is good in the dead of Winter as she is a little heater, but no so much when it is 95 in the bedroom!

Token flower.... against the pick-up, this also shows how long it has been since i drove said pick-up!

Garden is doing well.. tomatoes all over the place and cukes are vining to china.  We do have some tomatoes on those vines, but the cukes just have blooms,, don't know what is up with that..

These are some of the many mushrooms i have grown... why??? really wet, too wet? and there are many different kinds too, and this is the 1st year for these, weird.. one got REALLY big, they like grown overnight!!

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. I miss having a furnace bed hog. And that's exactly what they are. That's a beautiful picture of the yellow and blue. Like a painting. We haven't had enuf rain for one little mushroom to grow.