Tuesday, August 17, 2021


 New hair cut.... was going to let it grow out to cover my ears. Thought maybe i would wear the hearing aides i am supposed to wear if a person could NOT see them, hidden by the hair... WELL that did not work, did not wear them any more and was SO over long hair and trying to make it look nice.  AND.... i have mostly always had short hair, guess i am just lazy, but there you are.

Went to lunch with my niece and her God-mother last Friday and she kept looking at me... weird, but then when it was time to go and i went over and gave her a good hug, she said i looked just like my mom.. and i do! it is a strange thing... have people come up to me off and on here in Redmond, saying you look like someone i know.... they are just not sure who and when we get to talking it is mom they are thinking of.. she was involved with the Grange and the Senior Center and the Episcopal church, with doctors and store keepers, just out and about through all the years, so many crossed her path.... miss her so..... and it never really lessens, still think of things that i would call mom about, throughout the day, always with a pang that i realize i can't.... and she has been gone since 2006!

Take Care all and God Bless

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  1. Love the hair, You look younger! No one ever gets over missing their Mom.