Monday, October 18, 2021

more roof


Pretty darn excited that this is finally done! Started process August 2 nd and seems it has taken just forever.  They were pretty fast once the financing came thru and they actually started tho.. Altho i must say i wish i had their hours, if mine was the only one they were working on. Showed up at 9:30a took 1-2 hour lunches and left at 5, and twice at 3p... then when they were done and picking stuff up they had to hurry as they had another job to go to in Prineville, 20 miles distant... oh, well, it is done and i am happy with it.  staples keep blowing off the roof tho, from the old stuff i guess, as they used nails to put it on and i keep finding these old staples in the yard and on the driveway.  i like the darker color of it too, b4 it was more towards a brownish...  and the gutter people called and they can get to e Nov 19th.. so that is a good thing.. and i managed to get my auto pay through on the computer after a few tears and anxiety... GEEZ!!!

most or half of the leaves on those trees and now on the ground, waiting for me

These are the very last of Brian's peppers... and boy howdy let me tell you they are hot.  he made some fried potatoes and onions and i thought i could try just a bite of the potato, which was sitting not near a pepper and it was HOT! and made my lips burn for hours.. can't imagine eating one of those by itself... Brian eats them all the time, adds to things, chili, potatoes, tacos, soup... i don't cook with them at all. some of them leave him sweating tho.  How on earth is that a tasty treat??? oh well

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. The roof looks really nice. Hood project to have finished before winter comes along. No hot peppers for me. I dont do spicy.