Thursday, October 7, 2021


Needed a new roof!!! So have been going thru that... what a process....


Have to cover Brians peppers and the tomatoes as it has started to freeze every nite..  fun

Leaves are rapidly turning on the our street.. LOTS are down in the back yard..

This whirly gig is right outside the front window and i sit in my chair and watch it all the time...

I saw an interesting bird in the backyard couple days ago, smaller little thing, short feathers white and blue and black speckled and it was drilling the dead tree branch ... looked it up in the bird book and think is was a downy woodpecker!!! only one i have seen around here and it was just right in front of me or overhead and not scared at all... just kept drilling on that branch.... pretty

you know there is always something... now having issues getting perscriptions, doc denied one, and can't get an appt until December!!!  geez, really?? there is NO customer service anywhere anymore, just be glad u eventually got to talk to a person at all and then never who you wanted to talk to to begin with.  and have just given up trying to be nice and not get a tiny bit snotty with whoever...

Those roof people, were to be here on 1st day at 9a to noon, showed up at 1:30p and then was just a guy walking around the house, on the phone with 'someone' and the other guy did not show until 3p... then 2nd day they were to be here at 7:30a and did not show until 8:10am and the other guy again was not here until after noon sometime.  no contact with me, just went up and started in... no, hi, we are here! And i wonder if they are going to clean up all the crap in the yard, bits and pieces of shingle and nails, pop cans....

The sun is shining

Take care and God Bless


  1. Yes, they do clean up their mess and even run a magnet in the grass to be sure they got all the nails......we have not had any really cold weather. It has only been down in the low 60's at night here. No frost yet.

  2. When we got a new roof, the workers cleaned up really good but we still found a few nails. Sure hope yours are as diligent. Fall colors are so amazing. We dont get much down here here in the desert so I enjoy the pictures. Customer service is a joke anymore. I know there is a shortage of workers and supplies but still, a kind word makes all the difference.