Friday, October 1, 2021

Snow on mtns

 The mountains yesterday.... such a pretty day, warm with that tinge of coolness to it, Fall is here for sure.  Leaves are turning and falling, the garden is being laid to rest.  pulled out most all of those sunflowers and made a trip to the dump... early this summer i got a small solar panel to lay on the dashboard of the pick up, plugs into the lighter.. and it works!!! Mostly it starts up and the battery keeps charged. don't ask how that works! but it does...

Got my booster shot yesterday and boy by night time and most ll of today i have slept, had chills and arm just hurt, at shot site, alot... could hardly move it..   oh wah, i sound like such  baby... but i am well and totally vaccinated....

Today felt the 1st winter blahs, maybe it was because i did not feel too well... it is just the downward slide into the cold and darkness, having to bundle up whatever you do.  Keep the heat going... muddy little paws tracked in.  Did get the garage cleaned out, so can put car inside. And when wet that leaks all over.... yep, sound like such a baby

Take Care all and God Bless

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  1. Our nights are wonderful- 63 this morning but still in the 90s during the day. We've had a taste of the 80s and that was wonderful. Hope you're feeling better. We haven't had the booster yet. But I got knocked for a loop with the first two so I'm expecting it again. Did get our flu shots though. Try to remember the heat and smoke of the summer to help you enjoy the winter a little more.