Monday, January 17, 2022

not much


I have spent untold hours waiting in line at walgreens for prescriptions...  it never gets better... AND they have odd and varied hours, so, you just never know... and i can never remember when to take things, and how much, well lets stop this and see what happens and this one every other day and this one twice a day for a week or until they are gone....

Had a birthday do for sister-in-law.. Went to Doc appts... just check up stuff and things to see if things are as they should be or that is just the way they are.  Which most of it turned out that way... which is a good thing.. just aches and pains..

Starbucks.. Costco.... may i say i do NOT like change, i am sure i have stated that on more than one occasion and Costco does not play into my wants, they are always changing things about and you have to troll the aisles to find out where the things are that you always get there, paper towels, well they are normally always in the same spot. but my vit c and probiotics are always changed and my shower wash.. THIS time it was right by the front door, so was able to snag it right away.. and of course the butter is in that coooolllldddd room. which is nice in the summer, not so nice when 30 outside.. and prices have gone up... yep and packaging has gotten smaller for the same price, especially in the bakery, get half as much for the same price, such a deal!

And days fly by and i have to make a concerted effort to know what day it is and what time it even is! days pass and i forgot to send bday cards, and valentine is coming up, there is always sonmething

Well, that is it for today, not much happens here at Sunshine Cottage, the sun is shining tho much to the chagrin of the ski resort, hee hee.. well it can snow up there, just not down here, right?  but every day you wake to bright blue sky and maybe freezing out, never know,  we are having spring like weather the last few days, just need a sweater, think i will make some daffodil cards

Take Care all and God Bless


  1. Sounds a lot like our house except our weather is better. We are still avoiding stores as much as possible. But the drive thru at CVS is always packed and getting a time for grocery pick up is getting harder. I'm not liking this "new" normal.

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