Sunday, January 23, 2022

lazy days

 taken by my niece a couple days ago near Sisters

these are the lazy days b4 Spring gets to us... always feel as if i am marking time till the real work is to start,  not even any snow!  last year we had snow this time.. and it even got to almost 60 today!!

i've been watching TV.. binged Ozarks... and at the very end come to find out that the final season is in TWO parts and what i thought i was watching was the final season, but only part one of the final season and now have to wait, how long? to see the real end? and left on a cliff hanger of course... and everyone is getting done away with... what?

AND 1883 is not for another week!!! forgot that when watched ep 5  waiting on ep 6... it is very exciting, what is going to happen to these people?  just lost one of my favs... geez just when we had a little life and romance starting... 

tried watching a couple things on Netflix, but was too whoo-hoo for me... archiving something and on the one of the most watched, but not for me. so watched After Life with Ricky Gervais and it is quite good...

finished the Diana Galbadon book and it was good, she writes so well, but it is a long one, into another WWII one  The Winter Guest by Pam Jenoff... Poland.. so it is sad and filled with angst..

did some work in the garden picking up the pinecones once again and cut off all the dead grasses in the area i call 'the berm' space tween the sidewalk and the road... bane of my existence keeping that cleaned out of weeds and dead shit, leaves and such and people throw out garbage, what is WRONG with people anyway?

Made some cards... die cutting and coloring... life

Take Care and God Bless


  1. I think I am about the same way here, "waiting for spring". I watched the first 3 episodes of 1883 then got tired of waiting for 4 and decided I didn't want to pay for Paramount +. Then turned around and spent more money than Paramount + for Netflix. I have found some shows there I like but already back in the mode of a few years ago with a million choices and nothing I am interested in so I will probably cancel that.

  2. When the kids and I are hiking we often ask ourselves what is wrong with people. The stuff they drop along the trails.......

    1. In 1997 I backpacked approx. 600 miles or so of the Appalachian Trail, intending to thru-hike all 2300 miles of it. The hard core backpackers always picked up trash they found along the way, and we always asked ourselves and others, "What's wrong with people?" Never could figure out an answer to that question.

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