Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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 another niecey picture... she knows i like the sunrise pics, altho NOT enough to get up that early unless i need to!! There needs to be more snow up there!! and still we wake up to these bright cold mornings.. had fog this morning at 7:30a

WELL.... just let me tell you it has taken me DAYS to figure out how to do these daffies!!! I learned early that i don't like things with lots of pieces, BUT my liking daffies over road that dislike... and now i have bags of pieces hither and yon!!! have just die cut to my hearts content. always, ALWAYS do the wrong colors then have to do more in different colors... but i quite like the outcome and have done a couple of different types of cards. different papers and colors and folds.... i know, i know, piecey  labor intensive, but like the end result and what else do i have to do? This is my creative output and it keeps me out of the bars.... hahahahaha

Take Care All and God Bless


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