Monday, May 23, 2022

oh dear

I feel like a noisy neighbor...

i like to go to starbucks, get my coffee and bacon/turkey then sit in front of the redmond grange, soak up the sun (in the car) read my book, enjoy.

WELL, today, there was this guy, drunker than cooter jones, trying to walk on the sidewalk and just could not manage it,  staggering back n forth, it was 10:15am!! so drunk so early or maybe just delicately maintained, who knows.  it was pretty funny to watch, then he got to a part of sidewalk that curved, well, yes, he could not make it and fell down, just laid there.... and laid there, so i called 911.  she thought the cooter jones thing pretty funny... but by 10: 20 there they  were- the police... that guy never did get up, stand or let alone sit up, don't know the outcome... as i left, felt i had done my civic duty, maybe he was dead... and he was pretty close to the traffic.. the operator assured me, that yes, they would want to know and was concerned and no, i was not nosey...

So that is my morning... also got my 2nd booster and went for a walk... now watching CNN to see what happened over the week-end... all is well or moving along with the world.. oh dear

Take Care and God Bless All

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