Sunday, August 7, 2022

5 days

Got up and went to church then Went to VanderVere park in Davenport and it is a wonderful little park,  and met the rest of the family, the kids ran and ran and had so much fun, but really got all hot n sweaty


look at poor little Rylie!!! not a good picture of her, but it shows about how she felt.... she keeps saying, i am so HOT, i keep telling her to drink water!!!

It is a lovely park with a redone play structure for the kids and walkways, the pond, gees and a rose garden and conservator that had all manner of plants in it.  a rose garden, nice place to sit and talk and watch the kids get all hot n sweaty...

oops, this one has my finger in it too..

Later we went to Hulse family home for tacos and more kid running and playing 

Rylie had a great time playing Mario Carts with 3 of them...

Darah has a lovely garden...




Bowers of sunflowers, huge squash plant.. apple trees, tomatoes..kale... cucumbers, lots of yummy stuff

We had wonderful tacos, with garden lettuce, kale, tomatoes, charred  corn, cukes...  

it is just a jungle of interesting things to see and discover..

Great sunflowers, huh???

It was a good day

Take Care and God Bless

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