Monday, August 8, 2022

Day 6

 Spent the day along the Mississippi!! First to get cash. then to used book store, a little lost, but found my way around.  and getting lost, i get to see more of the area, hahaha



then to the splash park was a little chilly even at 81 with a breeze, but they got used to it and went for it twice!!

Then racing about playing tag on the play structure, there was a man laying on the soft squishy playground under the slide, but when the rowdy kids came he grabbed his bag and took off.. so they had it all to themselves and that was better...

there was a group of ever changing cars parked along the parking area with 'funny' smoke wafting off them, but we stayed clear of that activity!!!

Once more we had good conversations and wonderful companionships




Talking about the Mississippi River, how and why it rises, the bridges... plans for future days here

Another great day!

Take Care all and God Bless

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