Monday, September 19, 2022


 Still in the midst of the bath vanity replacement.. the one i originally got did not work, the drawers were too wide and would not fit around the water lines... geez.... so had to take back the one i had and get another, thank heavens they had one with no drawers.  Will have to be inventive in how i store things, there is lots of room under there... AND they have to go under the house to fix the outside water faucet that will not turn off. And the place to get under the house is in the closet in Brians room and it is filled with 'stuff' .. AND the plumber does not install the cabinet, we have to do that, needs a couple tweeks, about an inch of basebrd has to be removed and about 3" of linoleum.... so have to get those little things done, then call for another appt... nothing is ever easy... and the house is old and parts don't always work.

on the up side i went to a quilt show at a local church and my heavens!!!! how in the world do people do this... and most all of them that had quilting was all hand quilted, must have taken hours and hours... my patience does not extend that far...

look at that intricate work... they had stories attached to lots of them and that was really interesting, what inspired, who they were for or from... how acquired

Doing all of these extra large so that u can see the work

this is a double wedding ring, always like this pattern, so tiny and different sizes

favorite bird

Great wool work

And a modern one or art deco


Take Care and God Bless

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  1. Whether house or trailer- there is always something that needs to be fixed that is so hard to get to. Good luck with your vanity. I love that cardinal quilt. I don't have the patience for that kind of stuff either.