Monday, September 26, 2022


 oh look, got my finger in the pic again.. having a bit of a TIME with the new phone and the placing of my finger when taking pictures.

This was at Safeway, they had some very pretty set ups of the flowers and pumpkins!!

This one is ok... ;)

Plumber comes tomorrow, so should have pics of new vanity... going to have to be creative in how all my "stuff" is going to fit in there with NO drawers.... suppose i will adjust, but it is a change.. you know how well i love change.. there are things i can get rid of... I did throw away an old quilt that is just trashed,, i kept it all this time becuz grandma made it, but geez, i will never be able to figure out how to fix it, it was just falling all apart and stuff coming out.. she made quilt tops with material from old clothes and most were hand pieced, so they were not tightly together. and thru the years they just fall apart... they were tied together with yarn looped thru the top, bottom and inner stuffing and tied. but still... i felt bad for not treasuring her work, but i did for many years.... just not forever i guess, i have others of hers that she made that have stayed together... so there is that...

it was 90 today, clear... but it was certainly Fall.. and now we are getting some clouds...

Been making Halloween cards...  sort of fun.. to be scary-like

Take Care All and God Bless

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